—  Assault by the State —

There is an assault by the State on the family as a unit and on the freedom and security of the individual, particularly in the English-speaking countries.

Through the ideology of 'child protection' responsibility for, and authority over, children have been removed from parents and assumed by the State and its various representatives. Social workers backed by police can enter homes and seize children.

In addition, child protection and its close ideological partner, victim feminism, are major forces in the assault on the freedom and security of the individual, particularly men.

The vital mechanisms for correcting or rejecting these trends have been seriously undermined. The mechanisms include voluntary efforts to help families who are being assaulted by the State and its agencies and the publishing of criticisms of the State's inroads into family life and individual freedoms.

The response to attempts to use these mechanisms has been revealing. Under the guise of 'the protection of the child' public commentary has been criminalized so that the secrecy under which fascism flourishes can be maintained. Those attempting to assist families at risk of losing their children find that they themselves and their families become the targets of vengeful social workers. One helps other people's children at the risk of losing one's own children or grandchildren.

We come now to the most vicious device being employed against the freedom and security of the individual, especially the male whistleblower who has identified real corruption on the part of the State and its agencies. This is the deadly false allegation, the smear, the ruining of the reputation of the one attempting to expose corruption and injustice.

Three documentaries and a book deal with both the inroads of the State into family life and false allegations.

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Don't let them take your children - the book that Social Services don't want you to read.

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