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In years to come, writers may refer back to an era when the only country in Europe from which families were fleeing, or wanted to flee, in great numbers to prevent their children or babies upon birth being seized by the State was the UK. They may also note with interest that this terrible travesty was done in the name of 'child protection'.

This is a collection of dramatic stories of families and pregnant women, who have fled from the UK in the hope of preventing the 'child protection service' from seizing their children.

The stories have been compiled by the volunteers of the family help network, Ectopia, in Ireland. Many have already been covered by Irish, British, European and international media, mainly television, but all, including new and those hitherto unpublished, are freely available for journalists and documentary makers.

Latest news

Escape from Britain

Celebrities, football coaches and others involved in past public or voluntary activities, now fearing, or facing, false allegations can learn from families fleeing from Social Services. Featuring Jonathan King, Brian Rothery and Allison Johnson.

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The shocking truth about what is happening to children in foster care, that is, 'in the care of the State', on both sides of the Atlantic is now being summarised at Children in care.

The stories

Conflict of interest.

Psychobabble or fairytale?

Let my son come home.

The ones that get away.

Latvian family flees through Ireland.

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