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The Ectopia help network came into being in early 2013 as retired writer/journalist, Brian Rothery, began to try to assist British families who were fleeing to Ireland in an attempt to stop their children or unborn babies from being seized by British social workers and placed in foster care for early 'forced adoption'.

Ian Josephs, retired successful British businessman living in Monaco, had for years before been helping these and other families, some of whom also fled to France and Northern Cypress, but as most of the UK families chose Ireland as a potential safe haven, the new Ectopia network quickly found itself with a lot of business. In the three years since the network was formalized thus it has received over 400 calls for assistance and around 80 families have fled to Ireland to join hundreds of British families already there.

In 2013 just before Ectopia emerged, Channel 4 screened a documentary about the networks helping British families to flee to save their children. In January 2014, BBC Radio 4 came to Wexford in Ireland to interview Brian Rothery and it broadcast the phrases 'Safe houses' and 'refugees from the UK'. This and the Channel 4 programme appeared to cause a chain reaction which saw a procession of documentary makers coming to Wexford, including RTE Prime Time, BBC News and other BBC programmes, ITV News, Russia Today, Latvian TV, Czech National Broadcasting, Danish TV and a number of independent filmmakers. These were followed by newspaper journalists.

It became clear that this huge interest was fuelled by a number of key elements.

The fact that families were fleeing, and despite bad experiences in some other countries, such as Norway, the flight appeared to be from the UK only.

The semi-clandestine network helping the fleeing families.

The high incidence of drama and risk of tragedy within most of the individual family stories. Such as the Cinderella story of Kerry and Mark seen on this web site.

The network continues to be a source of media interest and of stories of great human interest.

Videos made by Ectopia and available for cooperative projects with other filmmakers.

As the network has suffered from several legal injunctions including some shared with the BBC and Russia Today, it has turned to making dramatic narratives using actors.

The Sharon Grace project.
Mother on the run.
Let my son come home.

Project currently underway

In care

A 13 year old girl is taken from a good mother and placed in foster care where she and her new foster sister run wild. A true story told for legal reasons as a dramatic narrative.

The Ectopia network is here.

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