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The cruelty of the social worker. A psychological explanation of the obscene superego at work within a fascist system. For a glimpse see Mother on the run.

Profiteering and conflict of interest in the fostering industry.

The perjury industry. The relationship between expert witnesses and their 'child protection' employers.

The unholy alliance of social workers and the psychiatric profession.

Mind-altering drugs being prescribed by psychiatrists to children.

The damage done to children in foster care. The high proportion of the UK prison population which has been in care. Numbers of children who take to drugs and prostitution while in care. Low percentage of children in care going on to third level.

Parental alienation. In particular, social workers denying or frustrating children's contact with fathers.

Child on adult violence. Where the child has been held too long in foster care or adopted over 3 years old.

Afraid to take your child to hospital. Doctors, teachers and others acting as snoops for Social Services.

The truly forsaken. Women whose powerful ex-partners have secured custody of the children 'abducting' the children and going on the run. For taster see Forsaken!

Never there when you need them. Social Services not available for help when needed and not able to prevent tragedies when happening on their watch still find time to break up good families. Classic case is tragedy of Sharon Grace.

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